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Initially disregarded the Corona conspiracy crap but little details, language and some common sense issues seem to be tipping the scales a bit. Of course with this particular pathogen being "new" the doctors/scientists are treading lightly but there is a simple concept that I believe applies; when in doubt err on the side of caution or safety first. I would hope that any logically thinking person would agree with that. I have seen so many really great questions being posed by the general public with a multitude of scenarios and questions. I also am aware that some essential places such as markets have put up physical barriers such as plexiglass partitions at check out areas that have cashiers. Are they effective? Who knows? Maybe, but if they are not counterproductive then they need not be viewed as a detriment. The issue of the general public wearing masks either home made or if by chance they have actually manufactured, certified equipment has come into question for some time. Initially the CDC said it was not on their list of protocols or instructions but I had read even a step further that they had said that it was of no value because Corona may still be transmitted through peoples eyes. My point is that why would any organization or doctor or scientist act like this? Although the effectiveness of any barrier can come into question not only due to it's manufacture, the end user may not be using it properly or other issues could effect it's performance. Additionally the CDC response was inappropriate and should have simply said that it would encourage the use of whatever masks and barriers along with people using either their prescription glasses or any type of protective eyewear or sunglasses. They did not respond in that way what so ever. Clear precise, accurate information which is supportive and suggestive to the best methods of protection that is available to the means that the public has should be encouraged. This maybe, a minor detail of language and direction is causing me to have some suspicion that possibly there is something a little concerning afoot. I am baffled that some very basic common sense and reasonable thought processes are clearly not being exhibited by the CDC, doctors and scientists. NOT ALL but by some that are steering the ship.

According to some information I have been reviewing statistically the mortality rates are substantially higher for older individuals, ones who may be compromised by under lying issues and would most likely be viewed as burdens to the general population, collecting Social Security, Pensions etc.

The politicians, 1 percent, elite may not be anywhere as much at risk as the general and lower individuals on the socio economic scale. Figure it out. Looking at this planet, population, resources, economics and considering the short term effects and long term of this pandemic (not a term being used much by the media) there are a lot of implications.

Here is a typical cowardly reply from someone on craigslist:

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So when you are safe typing at home this is how you type like a big tough guy. Objectively I find it strange that anyone would feel that upset over another's opinion when you were not obligated to read it or concur or respond.
This is the way of the cowardly world we live in now with bizarre behavior; "I don't agree with you so I wish your grandparents to die". Strange but common on craigslist.
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