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POISONS OF ALL KINDS IN OUR WATER, DEADLIER THAN EVER, BY DONKEY-CULT (liberalnewsreview calm for more commentary)

We are being poisoned from the skies by chemtrails that irritate the lungs, causing people to panic, run to the hospital and get treatment particularly remdesivir, which is laboratory manufactured snake venom. I executed a search for remdesivir"side effects". I went back to the search engine and typed in effects of cobra venom. My computer, like never before, totally shut down. Nothing worked. I waited and waited, and like never before, did not come back. I had to physically shut off my computer, start up again, and went to a different search engine to find cobra venom effects.
Remdesivir and cobra venom produce same effects. It is in our drinking water.
If you do not believe that think of the other contaminants in our drinking water, air and vaccines
Fluroide, calcium, arsenic in water.
Fiberglass, barium, aluminum in our air from chemtrails.
Mercury, anti-freeze, acid, aluminum other toxins in our vaccines.
A means of removing heavy metals from the body, giving relief to numerous conditions that do cause death, is distilled water. Distilled water is being taken from our shelves. Who controls the businesses that make distilled water?
Government, secret or overt, that works with and controls business is a the definition of fascism.
Now, if you are a dem/lib agent provocateur, and you want to keep working for evil that is killing YOU, go ahead. You do not fool any of us, and your efforts will get you killed by your handlers because we know what we know and no amount of your evil intimidation and lies will change truth.
Masks also deliver lung irritants, by imposed standards, loose fibers, that irritate lungs.
So, those bastards, the bolshevik/banker dementocrats everywhere, every single one of them, recruited behind the scenes for their evil proclivities, know they are part of the death cult, the donkey bloodlust executing crimes against humanity, specifically, at this time, perpetuating genocide against you, OUR, the agent provocateurs’ families: especially their children. Masks on children?
There is chemical/toxic compounds in the masks themselves.
How bloody stupid can donkey cultists get?
Surely the goons will increase their attacks on me and my works. Too bad for them.
There exists a number of remedies for the poisoning they get, but they are too busy hating, attacking, preparing to kill others, they will miss everything and be some of the millions of casualties.
What is remarkable is the obvious, the blatant, overt, brash and bombastic evidence that they work with vampires sucking their blood.
Fluoride, acid, aluminum, mercury, fiberglass, remedisivir, snake venom, calcium, and other toxins injected in their lives and forced upon them, with pretentious remedies (lies by their handlers) and they poison themselves in ignorance and fear.
Yeah, they are fearful. Morons, cowards and fakes.
This article is not written, however, to save the evil dementocrats, they deserve the rope for treason, along with their goon agent provocateurs.
This is about you, decent people who deserve to live healthy happy lives, in spite of the luciferian killers all around you and us.
Beware. Keep your wits about you. Get a garden, clean water. Do not drink the tap poison.
Check out Stew Peters interview of Bryan Ardis….”WATCH THE WATER”
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