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Almost daily eddicashun from ern-the-retard, I mean diana…4/23/22 (liberalnewsreview calm for more commentary)

Almost daily eddicashun from ern-the-retard, I mean diana…4/23/22

Are you sure you want mentally handicapped dementocrats representing you?
diana stone’s (ern-the-retard) email of 4/22/22, to me:
Did you see Trucker Carlson's fantasy video???
That man is a fag... Do you really think tanning
your balls is a boost to your manly hood?? nothing
like killing off your sperm just to get a hard
on!!! LOL!! He's out of the closet now...
Do you know the Constitution??? Did you know that
your leaders take an oath to it??? Trump's cult
is destroying it... Beware Republicans know that
and may vote for democrats... When you hate people
of color, smart women, democrats, republican's
who voted you out, you lose!!! Trump knows he can't win... He is taking freedom away!!! Just
because he has a platform named Truth does not mean thats what your getting!!! Did you want the
rich to rule this country or keep the power with
the people??? Biden does not make gas prices!! The
Rich oil guys do... They have the control!!
Did you know that there's already a large wall at
the boarder??? Thats why congress would not fund it!!! Trump took the money from the military!!
Burning books now... What happen to freedom of speech??? It only applies to white Americans...
A vote for a Republican is a vote to destroy

Thank-you ern-the-retard,
I have to reply to you because I am going to post your idiocy and need to give you a chance to defend yourself.
Show me; show us all just one photo of one person burning a book according to your claim.
One "republican" burning a book. Just one.
Just one little photo. Come on now. You can do it. Make your silly words worth something. You can do it.
If it is happening so much it should be easy for you to find one photo, one example, maybe just one name of someone, but of course, it must be substantiated, and not you substantiating your own silly ramblings.
Please, be real. Before you try to convince anybody else of your silly imaginations and fabrications, at least prove your imaginations to yourself. One photo...that's all.

Wow, so much I could say to ern's delusions, but...bigger fish to catch.
Enjoy, everyone. Don't thank me. Thanks goes to ern-the-retard pretending to be a female, pretending to be ediccated and intelly junt.

Democracy is tyranny? Did you know that? No, of course not, how could the supreme ignoramus know anything. Have a good day, and keep up the sub-human, sub-intelligent propaganda. We all appreciate comedic breaks.

Bye the way: a vote for a republican is a vote to destroy democracy?

...and when "diana" finds one photo we expect her to post it on see elle. Wait for it...wait for it…lol
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