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CWS Accused Of Child Kidnapping Without Evidence of Abuse (impossible to get a fair hearing when your lawyer's a snitch)

22 February 2021 USPS Certified Mail # 7020 1290 0000 4079 5042

California Department of Justice
Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis
Child Abuse Central Index (CACI)
P.O. Box 903387
Sacramento, CA 94203-3870

Copies to:

California State Bar, Attorney Complaints USPS Certified Mail # 7020 1290 0000 4079 5059
California Board of Behavioral Sciences USPS Certified Mail # 7020 1290 0000 4079 5066
Humboldt County District Attorney Fleming USPS Certified Mail # 7020 1290 0000 4080 6199

To whom it may concern,

A few years ago my [snip] was taken into the custody of Humboldt County Child Welfare Services, under unusual circumstances that even today remain unexplained.

It is five years later and the schism created by Humboldt County's unexplained actions continues to affect myself, my wife, and my other three children, as well as our missing [snip] - now, an adult.

Although I have captured many of the important details of this story in the complaints I have filed against Superior Court Judge Christopher Wilson, former County Attorney Charles Blanck, former County attorney Debra Avenmarg, and others involved in this case, with the Commission on Judicial Performance, the California State Bar, and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences ...

... due to the trauma inflicted upon me and my family by the mobbing and bullying we suffered at the hands of Humboldt County Child Welfare Services, I never managed to describe the contributions of my court-appointed lawyer, Sarah Kaber, to the California State Bar.

In reviewing the actions of Ms Kaber and her associates, I find no indications of either evidence-based medicine or evidence-based law. I have also recorded multiple violations of due process, as well as violations of common sense. I see evidence of both legal and medical malpractice.

Viewing the events from a distance of several years, we can say there is no evidence that my [snip] ever attempted to hurt [snip]. I challenge anyone reading these words, to prove otherwise.

Lacking evidence to show that a crime has been committed, we must now soberly consider the possibility that this was, not child abuse, but a child kidnapping, under color of false authority.

If my prior complaints against those other Humboldt County personnel are building blocks, then we should consider this document as the capstone, or keystone, putting it all together.

Let me begin by describing why I think that Sarah Kaber should be barred from practicing law.

On Friday, October 14, at 8:30 AM, I met my court-appointed lawyer - Sarah Kaber, in the corridor outside the Department 7 courtroom. We went into the courtroom together.

Ms Kaber counselled me, before I even said a word to her, not to refer to Child Welfare Services staff and attorneys as "drama queens". Apparently she had prior experience with her clients doing just this.

But that is what the people representing Humboldt County were.

There were no facts.

No evidence.

No photographs.

No doctor's reports.

No witnesses.

No testimony.

Nothing but carefully rehearsed outrage and uncorroborated accusations supported by hearsay evidence, at best.

It is nearly five years later and nothing has changed.

Afterwards, Ms Kaber and I met in the hallway outside Courtroom 7, to get better acquainted. No one was in a position to eavesdrop upon our conversation or to read my lips.

I told Sarah Kaber, privately, that my wife was already in San Francisco, interviewing for a position, and that she was visiting our child, at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute.

I thought Sarah Kaber, as my lawyer, would share my pleasure at this good fortune. She did not.

Sarah Kaber expressed deep concern that McAuley was allowing our [snip] to see [snip] mother. She said that was against Humboldt County Child Welfare Services rules, that visiting was limited to one hour per week.

I told Ms Kaber that I did not think that McAuley was adhering to Humboldt County Child Welfare Service's guidelines and added that it was not therapeutic for the patient to be isolated from her family. I do not recall Ms Kaber replying to this statement.

That would have been shortly before lunch time, Friday, 14 October, 2016.

My wife was staying with her sister, and visiting our child at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute on a daily basis.

A few days later my wife told me that she had gone to visit our [snip] and had been told that our child had been unexpectedly withdrawn from the hospital and taken back to Humboldt County.

This is problematic, because the whole reason our child had been REMOVED from Humboldt County in the first place, was because Humboldt County had no psychiatric facilities for minors.

Although Humboldt County had claimed, in court, that our child needed to be kept in a room reserved for patients requiring critical care, as if our [snip] had required some sort of special attention ... this was a premeditated lie.

In truth, the staff were using this specific room to keep my child insulated from the rest of the inmates, who were all adults, and a threat to [snip] physical safety, because Semper Virens is an adult facility.

Humboldt County Child Welfare Services took my [snip] to an adults-only facility. Why would they do that?

My [snip] was in that room because CWS didn't want my [snip] raped by the other inmates.

It was to get [snip] OUT of that adults-only environment that they had moved [snip] to San Francisco.

Why had they brought [snip] back to Humboldt County?

Where in Humboldt County had they taken [snip]?

Monitoring my child's whereabouts through intermediaries inside Humboldt County's government, we determined that a social worker must have been dispatched early Tuesday morning, October 18th, to drive all the way to San Francisco, alone, to collect a mentally ill child, and bring [snip] back to Humboldt County - a round trip of nearly 600 miles, in a single day, with no relief or backup.

Working backwards, we see that, in order for a social worker to have been dispatched to San Francisco Tuesday morning, arrangements would have needed to have been made Monday afternoon - a CWS employee would need to have been selected, and their manager would have needed to insure that the selected employee had no other conflicts interfering with this duty. Someone with authority would have needed to contact the motor pool and requested a vehicle be prepared for a 600-mile trip. Overtime would have needed to have been authorized. Etc.

In order for all of these things to have happened, Monday afternoon, there would have needed to have been a meeting on Monday, October 17th, in the morning.

Because Monday mornings are a common time for staff meetings, I am going to suggest that the management of Humboldt County Child Welfare Services, during their Monday meeting, was informed that my wife was in San Francisco, visiting [snip].

For this reason and THIS REASON ALONE, Humboldt County Child Welfare Services elected to forcibly withdraw our child from McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute - one of the best adolescent facilities in North America - against the advice of [snip] doctor, and bring [snip] back to Humboldt County, where there were no facilities or personnel, but where Humboldt County Child Welfare Services again had jurisdiction over my child.

But where had they received this motivation from? What triggered Humboldt County Child Welfare Services to not just interrupt, but to forcibly terminate, my child's psychiatric evaluation?

I infer that Humboldt County Child Welfare Services could only have received the privileged information, from my lawyer, Sarah Kaber, that my wife was in San Francisco, and was visiting our [snip] - and, Humboldt County Child Welfare Services regarded this as a threat.

And so I infer that my court-appointed lawyer, Sarah Kaber, betrayed my trust in her, and on the afternoon of Friday, 14 October - based on information and belief - Sarah Kaber must have repeated everything I had told her, in confidence, on Friday morning, to Humboldt County Child Welfare Services personnel; probably via Debra Avenmarg, the county lawyer representing Humboldt County.

I believe this is a grotesque violation of legal canons.

In an attempt to help interested parties get a start on figuring out which fundamental canon(s) Sarah Kaber might have violated, I refer readers to Rule 3-100, Confidential Information of a Client:

(A) A member shall not reveal information protected from disclosure by Business and Professions Code section 6068, subdivision (e)(1) without the informed consent of the client, or as provided in paragraph (B) of this rule.

Paragraph (B) is not an escape clause:

(B) A member may, but is not required to, reveal confidential information relating to the representation of a client to the extent that the member reasonably believes the disclosure is necessary to prevent a criminal act that the member reasonably believes is likely to result in death of, or substantial bodily harm to, an individual.


... not, that is, unless, you regard a mother visiting her child, on a locked ward, surrounded by nurses and orderlies, is "likely to result in death of, or substantial bodily harm to, an individual".

Based on information and belief, this is grounds for Sarah Kaber to be disbarred as a lawyer. And so, for this reason, a copy of this letter is being sent to the California State Bar.

Sarah Kaber's action so shocked my conscience that I was struck dumb for nearly five years, unable to speak about what she did because it caused me such pain to think about it; also, because so many other vicious actions by others were piled up on top of it, that it took me a few years to get organized to do something about it - call it post-traumatic stress disorder, if it helps.

I withdrew from working with Sarah Kaber, and did not answer her questions, because I believed and continue to believe that everything that I said to Sarah Kaber was uncritically repeated to the opposing parties to assist them in their persecution of me.

My withdrawal was so complete that Ms Kaber described me to the Court as borderline autistic.

But it was much simpler: I was fairly sure that my lawyer was a fink.

As Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Here's where the story gets fuzzy. We're not just talking about Sarah Kaber any more.

In fact, we never were talking about just Sarah Kaber. We're talking about a phenomenon that is much larger than just one crooked lawyer.

I refer readers to the St Marys Medical Center report, dated '12/02/2016', in the JV160250 court file.

How I and my wife came by a copy of this report is a story in itself.

As a result of my wife's visiting our [snip] in San Francisco, my wife had made the acquaintance of Dr Karla Petersen, assigned to be our [snip]'s psychiatrist.

It may be inferred that Dr Petersen was not agreeable to her patient being removed from the hospital just days after arriving. The hospital had not been provided with any legal paperwork negating my wife's parental authority. And so the hospital provided my wife with a copy of our [snip]'s records.

McAuley staff did not block my wife from seeing her [snip], as Therese Vodden did, without a court order, when I had tried to visit our [snip], at Semper Virens, in Eureka, a few days before. This is a glaring inconsistency in procedures that needs to be explained. Whose orders was Ms Vodden following? Why were they issued? Ms Vodden's actions were not in compliance with California law.

It may be inferred that Dr Petersen, and McAuley Neuropsychiatric Hospital, have prior experience with Humboldt County's children, in general, and with Humboldt County Child Welfare Services, in particular, and that they may have more information to share about this agency, if one but asks.

Humboldt County Child Welfare Services denied such a report existed for nearly two months. It was not until I came right out and told Sarah Kaber that I had already seen a copy of the report - using her like the conduit she was, to deliver the information to the opposing party - that, voila!, Humboldt County Child Welfare Services decided to let us have a copy of the report - every single page, because I had been very specific about how many pages long the report was.

The first time Humboldt County had assumed custody of my [snip], they transported [snip] to a hospital in Santa Rosa, in an ambulance - our every visit was a 400 mile round trip, for six months - while the county demanded guarantees from us that nothing would happen if they let us have our child back - a so-called "safety plan" - which safety plan, incidentally, the school subsequently ignored.

The second time Humboldt County took custody of my [snip], they took [snip] all the way to San Francisco - and then, brought [snip] back, before the two-week-long evaluation period was even half way completed.

Again, we see a glaring inconsistency in the county's conduct; and another glaring inconsistency in the lack of a safe destination for my [snip].

Where did Humboldt County Child Welfare Services place my [snip]?

It turns out, they placed [snip] at the home of the very person, from Academy of the Redwoods, who had introduced my [snip] to cutting [snip]. WTF?!?

It later turned out this young [snip]'s older brother had ALSO attempted to kill himself. WTF?!?

It was almost like Humboldt County Child Welfare Services WANTED my [snip] to hurt [snip]; either that, or the county was using foster children from ONE family in need of therapy, as some sort of strange surrogate child for ANOTHER family in need of therapy - while using the second family as a firewall, to keep the child completely out of contact with its own family, only a few miles away.

That is the very crux of my complaint; that Humboldt County Child Welfare Services and Humboldt County Superior Court personnel knowingly, intentionally and maliciously interfered with and unlawfully terminated my child's hospitalization, against the advice of her physician, and thereby not only engaged in medical and legal malpractice towards my minor child, but also betrayed ulterior motives that are inconsistent with, and even antagonistic to, the responsibilities these individuals were being paid to fulfill - thus creating a situation where the wellbeing of those responsible for creating this situation dictated, to them, the people who created this situation, that they place second, the best interests of the very child they had allegedly appointed themselves to protect.

Now it is five years later. Through the lense of retrospection, things often become much clearer.

Five years later, our oldest child has almost nothing to say to myself or my wife.

Our child has been told for over five years that [snip] is a victim, that my wife and I were the cause of all [snip] problems, by people whose qualifications are not the highest, to put it mildly, but whose authority over [snip] was and is unquestioned ... and we have inherited the legacy of their fine work.

Meanwhile, my wife and I have excellent relations with the rest of our children.

Only our oldest child is alienated.

Only our oldest child suffers from [snip].

Only our oldest child needs to see a therapist - whose identity, qualifications and counsel remain unknown to us, but whose advice seems to consistently lead to building walls instead of bridges.

It is impossible for us to complain about this person's practice of medicine because the therapist's identity and actions are actively concealed from our child's other family members. And so existing regulatory agencies are stripped of their effectiveness because no complaints can be filed against such practitioners.

However, it is my perception that a woman (I know this therapist is a woman, they are ALL women) who is only capable of having familiar relationships with other women, is not a person who is qualified to guide others in their search for mental health - because it is so glaringly obvious that she is still searching for it, herself.

So long as my [snip] continues to receive guidance from people who are so obviously lacking in navigational skills, themselves, it seems likely [snip] will continue to have problems navigating.

I am going to suggest that each and every one of these issues is an artifact and a direct consequence of our child's interrupted therapy at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute, and the replacement of competent, neutral professionals dedicated to the practice of evidence-based medicine, with politicized, radicalized backwoods amateurs wielding polarizing agendas.

My analysis is that my [snip] is suffering from Stockholm syndrome - [snip] identifies with [snip] kidnappers. If I am correct [snip] has been this way for over five years, now.

REAL psychologists - sincere explorers of inner space - might find the Wikipedia article on the subject of Stockholm syndrome of interest, as the article touches upon some of the theories on how people with Stockholm syndrome might have become vulnerable to the syndrome - theories that go into split egos, and begin to read like a manual on behavioral modification, through trauma based psychological mind control, from a Project Monarch operations manual.

The impression I want to leave you with, is that power and control are the highest priorities of Humboldt County Child Welfare Services - and, the welfare of children is NOT their first priority.

Above, I mentioned 'child kidnapping'. I also mentioned behavioral modification.

Looking back, I think that my [snip]'s behavior changed after [snip] attended some sort of leadership conference in Southern California, in, I think, 2014 or 2015. It was after [snip] returned from this conference, that [snip] began to refer to my wife and I as 'cisgender'.

Looking back, now, it seems possible that, under the oversight of the Academy of the Redwoods personnel, my [snip] had some sort of sexual experience, down in Southern California.

It's difficult to make a judgement call, without knowing more. Teenage fling? Or [snip] recruiting drive? We need to ask these questions because if we do not ask these questions, then no one else will.

If the 'conference' was a sham, and my [snip] was brought down to Southern California for another reason, under false pretences, and drugged, and filmed ... then that would be a different matter.

As a parent, with limited information, it is difficult to exercise due diligence from 500 miles away. But I do recall expressing concern to the teacher who was driving the three [snip] to Southern California about security issues. And I stayed in touch with my [snip] via text messages.

Based on what I believe, now, may have happened ... I would not let any of my children leave the county unless they were in the company of one of their sisters, and even then, it would only be if there were two teachers, and I trusted them both - which I probably wouldn't. The Academy of the Redwoods has used up all of my trust and there is none left for any future schools.

It may have been around this same time that my [snip] asked for a fuller explanation as to the rift in our family, and I referred [snip] to the websites I had previously created, which described how I had been fired, by Oracle Corporation, and how my older brother had chosen to remain loyal to Oracle, and some of the problems that ensued.

The URL describing events at Oracle Corporation is:

In the description of events at Oracle Corporation is also included a description of a breakup between I and my girlfriend of ten years, which, I think, was aggravated by interventions, misrepresentations, and maybe a little direct assistance, by my older brother - whom just so happened to also be an Oracle employee, and seemed willing to act as their agent.

The URL describing events pursuant to that breakup is:

My sense is that, for interpretation and clarification, my [snip] sought, not I, [snip] father and the author of the material, but, rather, some other authority - a teacher, perhaps, or a fellow student - and that this other authority instructed my [snip] that [snip] father was an abuser, and that [snip] needed to escape, right away.

What happened after this is largely a matter of interpretation.

It is a fact that someone gave my [snip] a cartridge of pepper spray, after [snip] returned from [snip] six-month-long stint in the hospital, in Santa Rosa - I know this because I found it in [snip], in a box of [snip] personal possessions, when I was cleaning out [snip] closet. After discussing the matter with Fortuna Police Department personnel, I ended up turning over the pepper spray to the Humboldt County Sheriffs' Office, as I believed that my [snip] could have only received this pepper spray while at Academy of the Redwoods - which, FPD asserted, was on county property.

Who would give a teen-aged recent mental outpatient a cartridge of pepper spray?

WHY would someone give a teen-aged mental outpatient a cartridge of pepper spray? That's a weapon.

Is it a felony? Probably not.

Was the intent felonious? Almost certainly.

Once pepper spray is deployed, one can almost GUARANTEE that the police will be called.

And so it is my inference that someone sought to create an incident where the police would have probable cause to force their way into my house and, hopefully, arrest me, for resisting arrest, or for trying to resist their entry.

It is my inference that this would-be provacateur could have ONLY been a teacher at the Academy of the Redwoods ... a student at the Academy of the Redwoods, whom an adult had illegally provided with pepper spray ... or some other employee of Humboldt County - such as, perhaps, my [snip]'s counselor, Maia Ryan.

(Editor's note: Jeannie Campbell, former behavioral health clinician for Fortuna Union High School District, is another possible candidate for questioning in this matter.)

It is a testament to the stability of my family's relationships that no circumstances erupted that might have led to or even justified the use of a weapon, indoors; and a comment upon the ethics of those whom gave my [snip] a weapon, to use against [snip] own parents.

They were not trying to SOLVE a problem. These unknown individuals were trying to CREATE a problem.

This person or these persons have not yet been identified - but [snip] surely knows whom gave [snip] the pepper spray, and it is only a matter of time until the truth begins to come out.

What is it about those two URLs, above, that drives some people clinically insane?

It's like they never heard of "free speech". Or maybe they thought it was a fable - like the Easter Bunny. It's not. Information wants to be free, as the saying goes.

If you haven't read these URLs before, you should. That material has been read by doctors, lawyers, military security and intelligence agencies, and probably a few Indian chiefs, too. It tells the story of how I locked horns with the Jewish Defense League and they turned loose the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, Hadassah, and anyone else they could call out to mob me and bully me - even my own brother and my own girlfriend were turned against me.

And so when I see my [snip] being turned against me, it's hard not to suspect the same players, again. After all, these people only have a limited playbook, and after a while, it starts to repeat. You start recognizing patterns.

Which brings us to the events at 137 12th Street, Fortuna.

(Continued in Part 2)
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