Asian Male Speaker Wanted

compensation: $4000+ / signed release required
Asian Male Speaker Wanted for Voice Project - $4000+

For Voice Modeling Project for use in the development of Artificial Intelligence

Male voices only. More than one talent may be booked for this project.

This is a text-to-speech project. Use is ALL MEDIA IN PERPETUITY. Talent should not audition if they have concerns about TTS usage.

If selected: Volume: 2-20 hours of edited-recording. Actual project is recorded in a good home or commercial studio booth (we will send you to a studio at our cost).

If selected: Talent rate is $2000 per edited hour of program material. This project will start with 2-3 recording sessions of 2-4 hours depending on talent's ability to read new material. The project may repeat several times depending on the result.

Language: English, but talent must be Chinese, Japanese, or Korean male. Age 25-45y

Voices must sound engaging, conversational

The audition is a "regular conversation" or “chat” style. The voice should sound very relaxed like a conversation between friends. Not and explainer voice. Not a commercial voice. An everyday voice. It should be easy to listen to.

Here are the audition specifications:

For 90 seconds, record your part of a natural conversation (like you are speaking with a friend having coffee together). The conversation should be about one of the subjects below. Audition can be mp3 from a good home recording setup.. but a phone recording audition is acceptable if you have nothing else available (a callback may be required if the recording is insufficient).

Choose your own open ended ad-lib pretend conversation / subject with a friend (record only your side of the conversation- do not include another person's voice in the recorded file) about one of the following topics (or something similar).

You do not need to trim blank space. Our team will take care of that.

Speak about only one of the subjects below in a medium thoughtful pace. Filler-words like "um", "like", "uh", "ya know" are encourage if they happen naturally. False starts are ok if it sounds like a natural part of a conversation. Only submit one 90 second file. Do not separate parts of the recording.

How do you organize your day?
What's your favorite kind of food?
Tell us about your favorite hobby?
What's your favorite vacation spot?
What's the worst job you ever had and why
Favorite hobby/sport/activity and why
Favorite movie or TV show ever and why
Favorite singer or Favorite song and why
What's your favorites season of the year and why
What's your style (clothes you're comfortable in)


Job Details: If booked, there is no editing required by talent. These are self-record if the vocal booth is up to the required audio spec. Otherwise, recording would be in a commercial studio (at no cost to talent).

OR.. if you have a similar subject you can speak about for the above time period, GO FOR IT (stay away from politics).

Use lots of conversational filler words that happen during natural speech (e.g. 'like', "ya know", 'um".."and "so".., "alright", "totally", etc.)

This audition is unpaid.

You can audition in your home recording setup or with a phone recording if you record in a very quiet space like a closet with hanging clothes (very little reflection).

Send above audition as an mp3 attachment or phone recording to: talent @ lectriverse.com / Make sure to include your name and contact information for the Casting Department.

Our Casting Agents will reach out if your voice quality matches what we are looking for. Remember: We need engaging, confident, interesting, friendly voices.

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