Seeking Free or Low Cost Kitten (Montgomery County)

I am seeking a TINY (8 weeks or younger) kitten to adopt.

Do NOT contact me about older kittens please - my younger cat is a little territorial around big cats and may try to fight them, but he is fine with kittens, so the kitten has to be very little.

I am not seeking to pay more than $100 if it is a non-registered cat. Also - if you have no vet records or recent Rabies certification for the Momma cat, do NOT contact me! I am someone who takes EXCELLENT care of my animals and I am truly amazed at how many of you contact me about adopting a kitten and then you reveal that the mother cat has never seen a vet!

Please NO barn cats and/or cats that have had tons of litters and have a high probability of having feline FIV!

I will provide EXCELLENT vet references and will agree to keep in touch with you, if you desire.

SCAMMERS - I will not put ANY deposit on any animal so don't bother with that stupid scam! I pay after I meet the kitten and decide whether or not I want to adopt the animal.

I am seeking a BOY kitten, to join my two male Maine Coons - one is dying and the younger one needs a playmate.

I own my home, have a big backyard forest and a smaller fenced in area for cats to explore in and I will never have a cat declawed.

Please do NOT contact me saying you have a kitten - then I ask for photos - and never hear from you again. Be prepared to email photos!

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