Montessori Sensory Bin - $140 (Fishtown)

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condition: good
size / dimensions: 42"(W)x28.125"(D)x24.5"(H)
This is a large, older, sensory bin that has a new frame.

Sensory bins of this size are not easy to find nowadays so I jumped at the chance to own it when I had the opportunity even though I wasn’t using it in a classroom. My kids loved it (and are playing with it now as I’m doing the work to sell it).

The bin came to me with extensive wear to the frame so I dismantled it and used the pieces as a template to rebuild it with quality plywood and 2x4s. The frame was coated with water-based polyurethane from Benjamin Moore. I used decking screws to ensure that the frame would not come apart and nice rubber casters to protect my wood floors when I needed to roll the bin to different locations in my house.

My kids haven’t really used the sensory bin for a year so I’m ready to get it out if my house and make room for a cabinet.

The bin comes with all the rainbow rice in the picture as well as a few pounds of pinto beans that were used previously in the bin.

This sensory bin has a drain hole (pictured) that had been taped over. I never attempted to find a plug for the drain, but it looks like a standard PVC plug from Lowes would do the job. The tape always held water so I never needed to look for a plug.

The bin measures 42”(w)x28.125”(d)x22.5”(h)
With the lid, the bin is 24.25” high.

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