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Originally Posted: 2005-10-03 23:35

Do my laundry, get a blowjob - w4m

UPDATE 10-10-05: Because some are you are just too nosy, and wanna know what happened:
Thanks for doing the laundry Richard.

I had a great time too.

It's a shame you have to move to Atlanta in two weeks. I was hoping we could have "done more laundry."

- Cassandra &nbsp ;0)

I hate to do laundry.

I hate to do laundry.

No, I mean, I REALLY hate to do laundry.

I've got enough clothes that I don't have need to do laundry more often than once per month. And I've got two (probably closer to three) months of underwear and bras and socks and such, so if I don't get my clothes noticeably dirty, I can just Frebreeze it and put it back in the rotation.

But I've getting to the end of my supply (both the outer clothes and the underclothes). So......

Come to my place (near Shattuck & Virginia) and do my laundry.

Wash it, dry it, fold & put it away (in the dresser, closet, etc). I've got what's about 8-12 loads in the corner of my room (my laundry hamper is SO overflowed). I've got the washer, the dryer, detergent, and all that. I just don't actually want to do it.

Between putting loads in the washer and putting them away after they come out of the dryer (but there probably won't be too much time), so long as the laundry keeps getting done & put away, you can do what you want. Read a book. Watch a DVD on the home theater. Talk to me (I work in a public policy foundation for public health issues). A not-so-subtle hint: A shower after ten hours of laundry and before getting your reward will is highly recommended! Do whatever, just get the laundry done.

I'll be around. I'll probably have my nose stuck in a journal or three (remember that public health policy thing?). Or maybe my friends will come visit after the IDPA shoot (look it up if you're curious; it doesn't mean darts). Whatever. Don't mind me, just get my laundry done.

When everything is washed, folded and put away, I'll give you a blowjob. I give great blow jobs (You can ask one of my exes); they're toe-curlers. Of course, you could also go by the Pizza Theory.

There's one washer, one dryer, and a lot of laundry (maybe eight to twelve loads), so it'll probably be an all day event. If you fuck up a load, well I'm a fan of getting things done right, so you'll either wash & dry them again, or you won't get rewarded. I've got Wednesday off from work, or I guess Sunday could be laundry day.

Tasteful pictures are a plus, but don't worry too much if you don't have one. Just convince me that I should let you do my laundry. A couple of spelling and grammar errors won't eliminate you, but you'd be a fool to think it didn't count (if you can't construct a sentence, why would I think you're competent enough to fold my underwear?). Pictures of your johnson (particularly if it shows sores and lesions) will become my new dartboard target and your e-mail will go into my Trash folder.

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